April 17, 2005

This is a photo of the Milano Community band, furnished by Lenora Malone. The following is found in Milano, Texas, at p. 8, by Basil McGregor (1965): "Near [the Stevenson and Baggett cafes] a Band Stand was built, used for a Dance Pavilion and The Milano Brass Band used it for practice and entertainment. Seems that some of the church women disliked the dances and spread syrup on the floor during one of the weekly dances soiling the women's clothing and shoes. This eventually broke up the dances. The Brass Band discontinued, the Pavilion was dismantled and moved away."

Below the photo is information on the band members.

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This apparently is the same photo that appears at page 22 of A Portrait of Milano, compiled and edited by Roger Hashem (1986). Some band members are therein listed as follows: Mrs. C. H. Lister; C. H. Lister; A. J. Hildebrandt; Theo Aschenbeck; Jim Turney; J. D. Peeples, Jr.; Will Lantrip; Lesser Newton; Lon Peeples; Lee Braun; Russell Clary; and, Charles Williams.

We need identification of and information on the pictured band members. So far, the following have been identified (numbered left to right):

1- ______________________________

2- ______________________________

3- ______________________________

4- ______________________________

5- ______________________________

6- ______________________________

7- Grace Lister, wife of C. H. Lister. She operated a Milano variety store. (Identified by George Lange; other information from Milano, Texas, at p. 5, by Basil McGregor)

8- ______________________________

9- ______________________________

10- ______________________________

11- Arnold J. Hildebrandt (1884-1966). He was born in Texas, the son of Thomas Hildebrandt. Arnold married Nellie Springer (1895-1964), the daughter of John M. Springer and wife Mary Tabitha Martin Springer. Arnold and Nellie Hildebrandt are buried at Liberty Cemetery. Click here for a photo of the Arnold J. Hildebrandt family. (Identified by Lenora Malone, who also provided the Hildebrandt family photo)

12- ______________________________

13- ______________________________

George Lange reports that his father in law, J.K. Haddox, told George's wife Betty that Charlie Williams is member # 13. Virgie Williams Franklin thinks that Charlie (her grandfather) is member # 9. Norene Lagrone (Charlie Williams' daughter) was shown the photo and said that Charlie is not in the photo. Norene reported that Charlie was in the band and that she has a different band photo in which he does appear.

George Lange believes that C. H. Lister is member # 8, having seen him in another photo. However, he suggests that we wait for other input before listing Mr. Lister.

George also located the following article in the Milano Gazette: "12-25-1920 Notice To The Public: Positively no more dancing allowed at the Civic League Park Pavillion. By order of the Milano Civic League,Mrs.S.W. Taylor,Pres."

Someone told me that some Milano ladies were so opposed to dancing that they poured some substance (syrup ?) on the pavillion floor.

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