near Liberty Community
Milam County, Texas
April 4, 2004

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A-2734 A-2736 A-2737 A-2738 A-2739
A-2741 A-2744 A-2745 A-2765 A-2775
A-2777 A-2785 A-2844 A-2864 A-2865
A-2883 A-2891 D-1000 D-1010 D-1040
D-1060 D-1080 D-1100 D-2000 D-2010
D-2030 D-2040 E-2857 E-2863 F-2770
F-2772 F-2773 F-2774 G-2752 G-2758
G-2761 G-2768 G-2776 G-2793 G-2796
G-2797 G-2819 G-2829 G-2866 G-2869
G-2884 G-2887 G-2889 H-1000 H-1050
H-1060 H-1070 H-1080 H-1090 H-2000
H-2001 H-2005 H-2010 H-3000 H-3010
H-3500 H-4000 H-4020 H-4030 H-4060

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