The following is a petition located in the holdings of the Texas State Archives (some of the names were very hard to read, so if you think you spot an error please let me know):

Buckholts, Texas, Feb'y 23, 1891

To His Excellency,

J. S. Hogg
Governor of Texas:

We, the undersigned citizens of Beat # 6, Milam Co., Texas, do most respectfully represent to your Excellency, that we are neighbors of Dr. W. C. Baird who was convicted of selling Intoxicating Liquors without procuring license therefor in 1890; that the doctor is an experienced physician, and has lived at Buckholts in this Beat nearly Five years; that we know him to be an honorable and highly respectable physician and an honest, law-abiding citizen; that we firmly believe, and are of the universal opinion that the doctor in preparing his favorite prescriptions, among which was his "Nerve Tonic", had no intention whatever of violating the law, or in any way evading it, by selling or prescribing the same to patients who would apply to him for medicines; that so soon as it was presumed to be a violation of the law he at once discontinued the manufacture and sale of this "Tonic"; that we have never known of his selling, or offering for sale, any intoxicating or spirituous liquors of any kind other than this "Nerve Tonic", that only as a medicine and never as a beverage; that we sincerely believe, therefore, that the fine of Nine Hundred (900.00) Dollars assessed against him is unreasonable and unjust, and we, your humble petitioners, respectfully and earnestly petition your Excellency to exercise executive clemency in his behalf.

Mike Rogers, J.P.
J. B. Boyles
H. B. Baylis
Chris Levi
S. Walschak
A. E. Clark
Z. Maddox
R. H. Johnson
A. P. Hess
T. H. Meyer
J. R. Stoltz
J. M. Weatherford
H. J. Hailes
H. Fischer
W. C. Powell
N. A. Pollack
N. B. Parrack
Alex Baher
D. McDonald
O. M. Reece
W. M. Griffin
J. M. Griffin
M. C. Loftin
N. C. Reece
J. T. Lewis
D. C. Lewis
W. F. Barnes
J. A. Whitely
J. T. Daniel
James L. Lockard
J. W. Smith
L. E. Rogers
D. R. Criswell
T. T. Pool
G. Pool
J. R. Frazier
W. S. Williamson
H. M. White
Karel Tomacek
John Bubuc
Valentin Baca
Jalex Bubuc
B. K. Mauldin
Santa Blankenship
S. R. Morgan
T. J. Morgan
Clay Blankenship
C. J. Dabney
J. R. Williams
T. J. Weathersbee
A. G. Griffin
J. H. Morgan
Fr. Zelisko
Frank Kabela
G. M. Miller
N. J. Roberson
W. B. Johnson
S. E. Stratton
Frank Durchan
J. A. McKee
R. B. McKee
W. W. Whites
A. L. Robinson
J. L. Kenedy
J. M. McIlwaine
J. A. Reed
W. E. Rickard
F. M. Jackson Jr.
F. M. Jackson
W. H. Secrest
J. P. Burks
T. Ruzicka
L. W. T. J. Cole
W. T. Robertson
W. A. Blankenship
D. E. Strickland
D. McFarland
S. H. Blankenship
F. Blankenship
J. B. Blankenship
J. B. Bryant
D. Garrison
John Hollas
Joe Walrel
Joe Zaplac
M. Ermis
Frank Ermis
Bill Holden
F. Boehmer
Louis Kroll
Gus Richter
E. Richter
E. Fischer
Lanel K. Mosell
T. Horstman
G. W. Hock
James Hock
E. Fisher
F. Richter

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