June 27, 2013

Thomas Washington Harrell was born December 10, 1827 in Martin County, North Carolina. Known as T. W. Harrell, he was the son of Theophilous Harrell, the grandson of Jesse Harrell, and the great grandson of Samuel Harrell.

In 1852, T. W. Harrell married Louisa T. Martin. They had six children:
(1) Viola S. Harrell (1854-1939; md Robert G. Vaughan);
(2) Adella "Della" Harrell (1856-abt 1915; md William David Tyson);
(3) Benjamin Little Harrell (1859-1925; first md Missouri C. "Betty" Tyson and later md Mary Louise Barron);
(4) Thomas William "Tom" Harrell (1862-1915; md Venia ________);
(5) Mary Louisa "Molly" Harrell (1866-1960; md Benjamin Franklin Stidham); and,
(6) Annie Belma Harrell (1872-1948; md Dan Irving Roberts).

In 1862, T. W. Harrell enlisted as a private in Company E, 17th Regiment, North Carolina Infantry, C.S.A. He served the Confederacy in this capacity until March 10, 1865, when he suffered a scalp wound during a battle. An account of that battle, and other information about the 17th Regiment, can be found at the following website: A big thanks goes out to cousin Mike Hale for finding that website.

In 1870, T. W. and family moved to Milam County, Texas, settling near Maysfield. Louisa died in 1872.

In 1875, T. W. married Joanna Massengale Davis, who was the daughter of Alfred Madison Massengale and the widow of O. K. Davis. Joanna had a son by Mr. Davis: Joseph A. "Joe" Davis. Nothing is known about Joe Davis, other than the fact that he was born in Texas around 1869.

T. W. and Joanna had six children:
(1) Emma Theophilous Harrell (1876-1877);
(2) Willie May Harrell (1878-1878);
(3) Jessie Lee Harrell (1879-1938; md James Armstead Rice);
(4) Alice Florence Harrell (1882-1945; md Robert Lee Roberts);
(5) Elma Dora Harrell (1884-1926; md Jesse Manuel Middleton); and,
(6) Samuel McAdora Harrell (1887-1937; md Lillian Evelyn Lester).

T. W. Harrell was a Mason, a Primitive Baptist, and a Democrat. He served a term as County Commissioner for Milam County. He and his wives are buried at the Harrell Cemetery, north of Maysfield.

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