A joint project of:

James David Walker & Janice Bullock

We seek materials on those buried at Milano Cemetery, including: biographical information; genealogical data; obituaries; and, photographs. We hope to eventually dedicate at least one page to each person buried at Milano Cemetery. Contributors can, upon request, have their name and email address listed on the pages to which they have contributed.

In September of 1971, Mr. and Mrs. Herman R. (Ethel Morgan) Burch began surveying the Milano Cemetery. The project was completed in April of 1972. The survey, with accompanying cemetery plat, has been copied and included herein with Mr. and Mrs. Burch's permission. We plan to update this survey.

Mr. and Mrs. Burch's format was changed so as to make it easier to present the information on the Internet. The reference to "UNMARKED," in place of a name, means that the burial space is either vacant or unmarked.

All excerpts from The Milano Gazette were located in The Spirit For Tomorrow--The History of Milano Through the Eyes of the Gazette, compiled and edited by Roger Hashem, Jr. (1985).

Donations for maintenance of the cemetery can be mailed to: Milano Cemetery Association, 256 County Road 360, Milano, Texas 76556.


  1. Cemetery Plat

  2. Cemetery Section I

  3. Cemetery Section II

  4. Cemetery Section III

  5. Cemetery Section IV

  6. Cemetery Section V

  7. Alphabetical Burial List A-L

  8. Alphabetical Burial List M-Z

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