The following persons, identified as citizens of Rockdale, Texas, signed a petition urging James Hogg, Governor of Texas, to grant a pardon to Sam Rice. Rice was convicted of Manslaughter at the April 1892 term of the District Court of Milam County, Texas. The petition was likely circulated near the time of the conviction. The references to "Batte" are not part of the petition: they reference information that I obtained from History of Milam County, Texas, by Lelia M. Batte (1956, The Naylor Company). Some of the names were hard to read, so if you think you spot an error please let me know.

P. Langmoor		Cashier 1st N.B.
R. H. Hicks		Merchant
E. G. Simms 		Farmer
N. L. Bullock 		Bookkeeper
R. L. Hale 		Bookkeeper
C. H. Coffield 		Real Estate
-Batte: Coffield was President of Rockdale Improvement Company in 1893
(water and electric services); he was also President of
The Rockdale Mining and Manufacturing Company

Ed Gesecke Druggist J. F. Coffield Merchant R. C. Wallis M.D. D. R. Wallis M.D. J. Loewenstein Merchant
-Batte: As early as 1873 Joseph Lowenstein and his brother
(both from Prussia) operated a store in Rockdale.

A. G. Isaacs M.D.
-Batte: Isaacs Was a Populist-
T. M. Haynes Druggist J. H. Wilson M.D. A. C. Walker M.D. William R. Kennard M.D. Thomas A. Pope M.D.
-Batte: At one time Pope owned an interest in the Cameron Herald--
W. B. Woody Sec'y Rockdale Mfg. Co.
-Batte: Woody was Secretary of the Rockdale Mining and Manufacturing

Max Winterbez Bookkeeper J. H. Burnet Fire Insurance Agent B. B. Baxter Cotton Buyer
-Batte: Baxter was an elder who became pastor of the Rockdale Baptist

T. B. Kemp Merchant
-Batte: Thomas Benton Kemp was the brother of Marshall M. Kemp
and Dempsey Kemp (Dempsey was father of Jeff Thompson
Kemp)--T. B. Kemp operated T. B. Kemp and Company, a Rockdale
store--in 1888 Kemp's store burned in a fire that also destroyed the
post office and hotel--eleven people died in the fire--

J. P. Hale Merchant J. G. Brown None Listed G. W. Wilson None Listed John Brett None Listed Lee Wallace Lumber Dealer R. L. Wilson Lumber Dealer C. K. Stribling Asst. P. M. (assistant postmaster ?) John C. Witcher P. M. (postmaster ?) H. S. Harklesrod Butcher J. W. Weinbrener Editor W. A. Morrison Attorney H. Cone Attorney J. T. Prewitt J. P. W. F. Lohse Merchant O. A. Bowen Clerk W. A. Gentry Barber Ben Smith Farmer R. H. Ames Miller P. R. Rawland Merchant S. F. Caddish Bookkeeper J. C. Arnold Merchant W. E. Copeland Railroad Agent Henry Lockwood Lumber Dealer J. S. Perry Mayor of Rockdale
-Batte: James Samuel Perry was a promoter of Rockdale
Improvement Company--for a time he owned the Rockdale Bank-

Leonard Isaacs Merchant J. G. Vest Cotton Broker J. L. Larkin Merchant Flon James Commission Merchant Cyrus Edwards Salesman J. B. Hamilton City Marshal W. Williams None Listed Morgan Smith None Listed J. C. McCawley None Listed G. W. Gambill Constable Gray Hamblen Salesman G. B. Randle Merchant L. S. Woody Bookkeeper

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