Messages posted on the Rootsweb Bell - Family History & Genealogy Message Board reference a tornado striking Milano on April 27 or April 28, 1883. These are the only references that I have seen to such a tornado. If anyone has any information on this tornado, please share with me.

The messages about the Milano tornado appear in response to an earlier message. I have copied two of the messages below:

First Message:
William Eli Mitchell and the tornado. Looking for information regarding a tornado in Bell County in April 1883 that took the life of my relative, Eli Mitchell. The tornado was a F 4. Does anyone know where this was, and where he might be buried? Thanks for any help. Leslie.

Second Message:
It just so happens that Lon Curtis, one of the meteoroligists for local CBS affiliate KWTX, has compiled some research, and recently deposited a copy at the Bell County Museum. Here is a quote from the paper, titled "Significant Tornadoes in Bell County, Texas":
"April 27, 1883: A tornadoe developled about 3:45pm...and moved toward the southeast, passing three miles north of Belton. In the Rock Church-Midway area between Belton and Temple, three homes were completely destroyed and the debris from them scattered over a large area. Three people were killed in the Midway vicinity, and two others were killed as the tornado passed north of Belton, destroying an old church were the two men had sought shelter. The tornado dissipated near Heidenheimer but not before homes were unroofed there.
Another deadly tornado developed from the same storm system in Milam County, and laso moved toward the southeast. The heaviest damage and one death occurred at Milano Junction."
A chart that is included in the paper states that the 4/27/1883 tornado caused 5 deaths, 20 injuries, had a P-width of 200 yds., had a P-Length of 15 miles, and was an F4.
I assume that this is tornado that you are asking about, as the other listed by Mr. Curtis happened in 1886, 1892, 1927 (2), 1939, 1947, 1955, 1972, 1973, 1976, 1990, 1996, and 1997 (3).
Hope this helps!
Amanda Thompson Dyer
Bell County Museum

Here is a link to the Bell County Museum website:

A followup message indicates that a newspaper account references the storm as a cyclone and further indicates that it struck on April 28, 1883.

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