William and Carrie Rogers Rice raised Armstead Osborn from from the time that Armstead was an infant. Armstead Osborn was born in April of 1891. He was the son of Lankford and Elizabeth "Bettie" Rogers Osborn. Bettie Rogers Osborn was Carrie Rogers Rice's sister.

Armstead Osborn married his wife Sallie in Jayton, Texas, where he was a bookkeeper at the Jayton cotton oil mill. Carman Rice Whitaker, William Rice's granddaughter, recalled that Armstead paid the workers every Saturday afternoon in cash. He would then bring pennies home to Carman and her brother; they saved the pennies and bought items that they wanted.

Later, Armstead Osborn moved to Lubbock, Texas. Armstead and his brother-in-law, Mr. Burleson, operated a Lubbock real estate agency known as Burleson and Osborn. Armstead Osborn died in Lubbock in the 1970's.

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