William and Carrie Rice's daughter Jessie Eugenia Rice was born in Jones Prairie, Texas on August 29, 1873. Jessie Eugenia Rice married William Evans "Bill" Routh in Brown County, Texas on September 27, 1897. Bill Routh was born on January 18, 1860 in Fannin County, Texas. He was the son of William Anderson and Margaret Benge Routh.

Jessie Eugenia and Bill Routh had nine children: Alfred Pace Routh; Florence Annie Routh; Sadie Isletta Routh; Desde True Routh; William Robert Routh; Billie Kate Routh; Nellie Eugenia Routh; Jonathan Norris Routh; and, Connie Lee Routh.

Jessie Eugenia and Bill Routh lived on a farm located near the Brown County communities of Zephyr and Blanket. Jessie Eugenia's niece, Carman Rice (daughter of George Rice), recalled attending a family reunion which was held at the Routh farm. All of William Henry Rice's children, except Bob Rice, attended the reunion.

At the time of the reunion, Carman Rice was less than twelve years old. She and her cousins enjoyed taking turns riding a cart down a hill: they took turns driving the cart. When it came her turn to drive, Carman drove the cart into a creek. The resulting collision resulted in a broken arm for one of the children (a son of Bill and Jessie Eugenia Routh's daughter Sadie). The incident necessitated a trip to Brownwood, where a doctor set the child's broken arm.

Jessie Eugenia Rice Routh died in Brownwood, Texas on April 24, 1926. Bill Routh died in Brown County, Texas on August 7, 1940. Jessie Eugenia and Bill Routh are both buried in Blanket, Texas.

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