William and Carrie Rice's son Walter Lee Rice, Sr. was born in Texas on January 1, 1883. In 1910, Lee was living at Rule, Texas, boarding with William and Ada Moore. Both Mr. Moore and Lee worked at an oil mill.

Lee later married Ivy Estella "Stella" Carman in Jayton, Texas. Lee and Stella had three children: Dorothy Estella Rice; Mary Inez Rice; and, Walter Lee Rice, Jr.

Stella Carman Rice was born in Missouri on March 24, 1886. She was the daughter of James Andrew Carman and wife, Mary Ann McFarland.

Lee and Stella Carman Rice first lived in Jayton, Texas; Lee was in the ginning business. Lee and Stella moved to Meadow, Texas in 1931 but in 1940 they returned to Jayton, where they owned a farm and home.

Lee Rice, Jr. recalled that his dad was smooth-tempered. Lee Rice, Sr. and Dr. M. W. Rogers, brother of Carrie Rogers Rice, were good friends; they bached together as young men. After Lee Sr.'s death, Dr. Rogers wrote that Lee, Sr. was "like a brother."

Lee Rice, Sr. died in Jayton on July 10, 1949; Stella died in August of 1949. They are both buried in Jayton, Texas.

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