John H. Alley was born on November 27, 1829. He is believed to have been a native of either Alabama or Mississippi.

John married Mary Elizabeth Stewart in Milam County, Texas on July 12, 1860. Mary was born in Rome, Georgia on January 18, 1845. She was the daughter of Robert and Freelove Cornett Stewart.

John and Mary Stewart Alley had three children. One child died an infant. The other two were Martha Bowlin Euzene "Mattie" Alley (married John Wesley Lantrip) and Sarah F. Alley (married Thomas B. Fowler).

During the Civil War, John served the Confederacy as a private in the Milam Guards. John later served in Sibley's Brigade. John came home from the War a sickly man and never fully recovered. He died on February 23, 1869.

After John's death, Mary Stewart Alley ran a store in Hanover, Texas (near Pin Oak). Mary died in Milam County on October 28, 1918. She is buried in Milam County at Liberty Cemetery.

Although John is known to be buried at Pin Oak Cemetery, the location of his grave is not known. John's descendant, Clydelle Schroeder, arranged for a Confederate marker to be placed in the cemetery--honoring John. That marker was dedicated at a ceremony held on May 18, 2003. Click here for photos taken at that ceremony,

(SOURCE: Clydelle Schroeder, Arlene Schroeder, and Norma Schendel)

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