April 25, 2010

I (James Walker) am the great grandson of Madison "Matt" Walker and Emma Tryphena Aycock Walker, both buried at Pin Oak. If you are related to or interested in the Pin Oak families, I would like to hear from you. I seek biographical information on, and photos of, each person buried at Pin Oak.

Pin Oak Cemetery is located in Milam County, Texas between Hanover and Gause. In Hanover, from the intersection of FM 2095 & FM 3242, follow FM 2095 for 2.8 miles toward Gause. Turn right into a lot with mobile home. Follow a dirt road out of the rear of the lot and continue straight when presented with an option to turn left. The cemetery will be on the left, enclosed by a chain-link fence, about 2/10 of a mile off of FM 2095.

The sign at the entrance to the cemetery (photo above) was placed by Jeanne Williams, in remembrance of her late husband, Robert Javis "Bobby" Williams, who is buried at the cemetery. Click here to see another photo of the sign.

Through the efforts of Elaine Baumann, Pin Oak Cemetery received a historical marker. The dedication ceremony was held Saturday, April 24, 2010. In the photo, the marker is unveiled:

Many of the Pin Oak families are related. Sometimes these relationships go back to a time before the families came to Texas. For example, more than a few of the families came from Morgan County and Marshall County in Alabama. Therefore, if you are researching a Pin Oak family's ancestry, you would do well to review the information herein posted for other families.

It would be impossible to list all who have contributed to this website. Walter "Bud" Williams, a retired attorney who grew up in the Pin Oak area, has done historical and genealogical research on Pin Oak and its residents. Elaine Shafer Baumann, who owns the land around the cemetery, was raised and still resides in the Pin Oak community.

The cemetery was surveyed in December of 1978 by me, my wife Cheryl Laws Walker, and my nephew Andrew David "Andy" Holcombe (who was then only about a year-and-a-half old). The survey has been updated numerous times since.

This page includes a list of burials at Pin Oak Cemetery (in order of burial), a transcription of information found on grave markers, and links to photos and biographical information.
Click here for more photos of the Pin Oak Cemetery historical marker dedication.
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As noted, I have biographical sketches for some decedents. Click on the names which are linked (underlined) to read these sketches. I welcome additions and corrections.

Click on the grave-marker icons to see photos of grave markers. Except as noted, these photos were taken in July of 2001.

Click on the face icons to see photos of people.

Names not separated by a space share a common stone. The flowering vines denote burial groups separated either by vacant land or by physical dividers.

Walker, Emma T.} March 26, 1858-February 26, 1933

Walker, Madison} March 16, 1852-March 4, 1926

Walker, Andrew J.} September 11, 1880-December 18, 1901
Son of M & ET Walker

Walker, (infant)} April 9, 1896-July 25, 1896
Infant daughter of M & ET Walker

Luce, Malvina Walker} February 14, 1855-June 22, 1880
Married to Z. Luce/February 13, 1878

Griffin, James N.} September 25, 1953-May 14, 1974
Our loving son

Black, Ruby Lee} 1941-1975

Griffin, Ruthie Mae} September 25, 1953-May 14, 1974

Griffin, Samuel J.} 1909-1980
[marker could not be located in July of 2001]

Reveile, William Henry
[marker bears no incription]

Reveile, Artie B.} June 22, 1878-July 10, 1944

Reveile, James Henry
[marker bears no inscription]

Reveile, Mary Jane} 1847-1931

Kornegay, Kate
Kornegay, Spinks

Green, Victoria H.} June 24, 1857-April 24, 1948

Kornegay, Ike} 1857-1930
Kornegay, Grady} 1898-1899
Kornegay, Lula} 1869-1906
Kornegay, Grealy} 1901-02

Needham, W. S.} May 19, 1814-January 2, 1874
(Masonic emblem)

Kornegay, S. C.} Died October 18, 1869
Aged 26 yr & 11 mos/Wife of R. A. Kornegay

Kornegay, Robert A.
Co. C, 39 Miss Inf, C.S.A.

Kornegay, Ellen M. Addams} July 16, 1852-February 14, 1886
Wife of R. A. Kornegay

Kornegay, Mary Jane} December 18, 1884-February 2, 1885

Kornegay, Joseph E.} December 25, 1879-September 2, 1889

Kornegay, Martha S.} April 18, 1847-January 26, 1926

Stewart, Josephine Westbrook
November 12, 1851-October 28, 1920

Stewart, James L.
Co. G, 5 TEX INF, C.S.A.

Cox, Erie} October 3, 1873-October 30, 1900
Wife of R. M. Cox/She was a tender mother

Cox, ______
Died 1893/Baby Son
[marker could not be located in July of 2001]

Cox, ______
Died October 1, 1895/Aged 5 Weeks
Son of R. M. & Erie Cox

Stewart, Almedia} July 16, 1875-May 2, 1896
Dau. of Jas. and Josephine Stewart

Stewart, Minnie} November 6, 1871-June 20, 1883
Dau. of Jas. & Josephine Stewart

Ditto, Elvira} 1833-1888

Austin, J. T.
Co. G, 5 TEX INF, C.S.A.

Perkins, Oscar Lee} August 7, 1916-February 20, 1987

Wyatt, James Garry} October 15, 1952-September 26, 1973

Perkins, Walker P.} August 5, 1861-January 17, 1932/Papa
Perkins, Lovie May} May 18, 1874-April 2, 1968/Mama

Wyatt, J. C.} September 20, 1923-December 6, 1928

Wyatt, Clarence C.} February 12, 1894-January 18, 1973/Daddy
Wyatt, Ola Dell} September 4, 1903-February 22, 1972/Mama

Wyatt, Jorden} January 28, 1931-September 9, 1997
Wyatt, Viola (Sugar)} February 11, 1935-Blank

Martin, Margie Wyatt} February 12, 1894-January 18, 1973/Daddy

Walker, Edgar E.} November 3, 1900-November 10, 1976
Walker, Reba S.} December 26, 1899-January 26, 1975

Watson, Rene S.} July 8, 1896-August 23, 1987
Watson, Murf B.} March 29, 1887-March 25, 1955

Shafer, Mattie Lynn} October 16, 1873-August 29, 1962
Shafer, James Alex} March 1, 1875-July 9, 1954

Shafer, J. Frank} April 2, 1908-October 9, 1969
Shafer, Ruby L.} January 10, 1909-Blank
[photo of marker taken on March 9, 2002]

Shafer, Bob B.} November 12, 1917-June 25, 1965
Our beloved brother/(Masonic emblem)

Shafer, John F.} September 23, 1877-October 24, 1940

Shafer, Zola} September 3, 1881-December 16, 1928

Shafer, Alford} March 30, 1898-July 8, 1913
son of J. F. and Zola Shafer

Shafer, Murf} August 28, 1901-November 22, 1915

Shafer, Alex} February 13, 1911-November 24, 1915

Ditto, John Hensley} November 8, 1917-April 7, 1951

Ditto, John Henry} September 2, 1886-May 13, 1947

Ditto, John
Co A, 49 ALA INF, C.S.A., SGT

Williams, Dee} October 16, 1872-January 21, 1936

Watson, Jerry} March 5, 1841-June 4, 1935/Father/Co C (G?), 59 Ga Inf, CSA
Watson, Laura} February 28, 1851-April 27, 1927/Mother

Watson, Henry} 1875-1914

Watson, Alice "Stevens"} 1877-1930

Watson, Alla} September 8, 1895

Davidson, Emma

Davidson, Willie P.} Died April 4, 1891
Age 12 yr, 10 mo, 26 days/Daughter of H & E Davidson

Davidson, Riley C.} September 9, 1876-November 4, 1877
Son of H & E Davidson

Grantham, Eliza} Died February 4, 1869
aged 23 yr, 11 mo, 6 days/wife of Y. W. Grantham
Grantham, Y. W.} Died July 22, 1871
Aged 32 ys., 5 Ms, 26 Ds

Littleton, Minnie} March 3, 1874-December 17, 1943

Littleton, Ruben Thomas
[unmarked grave]

Carter, Martha H.} Died 1891

Spinks, Martha J.} August 26, 1844-July 9, 1881

Williams, Beulah F.} January 2, 1903-December 27, 1979

Williams, Clyde R.} December 11, 1898-January 22, 1958

Williams, Lena Kathryn} July 27, 1938-November 15, 1993

Williams, Bobby Javis} May 16, 1932-September 11, 1983
Cpl U. S. Army--Korea/(Masonic emblem)

Williams, D. J.} July 16, 1874-July 5, 1950

Williams, Irene} September 29, 1875-July 31, 1931

Williams, John J.
Co. D, 49 ALA INF, CSA

Williams, Nancy} April 8, 1837-August 22, 1905
Wife of J. J. Williams

Williams, Bert} April 16, 1870-December 21, 1938

Vaughn, Mrs. Mary M.
September 28, 1903/ Aged 86 yr

Shafer, Alex
Co. F, 8 TEX INF, C.S.A.

Shafer, Elisha} September 25, 1830-May 5, 1913
(Masonic emblem)

Shafer, Mrs. Lavina} March 23, 1840-February 16, 1919

Shafer, (infant)} Born & Died February 18, 1874
Infant Dau. of E. & L. Shafer

Shafer, Franklin} Born & Died July 29, 1878

Shafer, Mary} May 19, 1877-July 27, 1877
Dau of E & L Shafer

Shafer, Fannie} June 22, 1860-January 8, 1874
Dau of E & L Shafer

Shafer, Alexander} May 25, 1865(?)-September ? , 1866
Son of E & L Shafer

Shafer, Charlie} May 16, 1858-July 23, 1861
Son of E & L Shafer

Faubion, James D.} February 17, 1859-October 6, 1861
Son of William & Charlotte Faubion

Davidson, Stephen} Died February 14, 1879
Aged 64 ys, 3 Ms, 27 Ds

Davidson, Jane} November 23, 1816-August 6, 1881
In memory of

Craig, Susan L.} February 2, 1854-May 23, 1914

Rutherford, Archibald
[unmarked grave]

Watkins, Charles Thomas} May 3, 1927-November 28, 1933

Faubion, Charlotte
wife of W. M. Faubion

Faubion, W. M.
Co. D, 16 Texas Inf, CSA

Alley, John H.

Rogers, ________

Rogers, ________

Near the center of the cemetery, a burial plot was once ringed with a number of large iron-red rocks. This is believed to be the burial site of two brothers who are said to have killed each other in a knife fight. Over time, some of these large rocks may have been moved. Only the tops of the remaining rocks can now be seen.


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