This is an alphabetical list of all persons known to be buried (or known to have a cemetery marker) at Pin Oak. The list does not include names mentioned in the biographies.

Alley, John H.
Austin, J. T.
Black, Ruby Lee
Carter, Martha H.
Cox, Erie
Craig, Susan L.
Davidson, Emma
Davidson, Jane
Davidson, Riley C.
Davidson, Stephen
Davidson, Willie P.
Ditto, Elvira
Ditto, John
Ditto, John Henry
Ditto, John Hensley
Faubion, Charlotte
Faubion, James D.
Faubion, W. M.
Grantham, Eliza
Grantham, Y. W.
Green, Victoria H.
Griffin, James N.
Griffin, Samuel J.
Kornegay, Ellen M. Addams
Kornegay, Grady
Kornegay, Grealy
Kornegay, I. I.
Kornegay, Ike
Kornegay, Joseph E.
Kornegay, Kate
Kornegay, Lula
Kornegay, Martha S.
Kornegay, Mary Jane
Kornegay, Robert A.
Kornegay, S. C.
Kornegay, Spinks
Littleton, Minnie
Littleton, Thomas Ruben
Luce, Malvina Walker
Martin, Margie Wyatt
Needham, W. S.
Perkins, Lovie May
Perkins, Oscar Lee
Perkins, Walker P.
Reveile, Artie B.
Reveile, James Henry
Reveile, Mary Jane
Reveile, William Henry
Rogers, ________
Rogers, ________
Rutherford, Archibald
Shafer, (infant)
Shafer, Alex
Shafer, Alex
Shafer, Alexander
Shafer, Alford
Shafer, Bob B.
Shafer, Charlie
Shafer, Elisha
Shafer, Fannie
Shafer, Franklin
Shafer, J. Frank
Shafer, James Alex
Shafer, John F.
Shafer, Mary
Shafer, Mattie Lynn
Shafer, Mrs. Lavina
Shafer, Murf
Shafer, Ruby L.
Shafer, Zola
Spinks, Martha J.
Stewart, Almedia
Stewart, James L.
Stewart, Josephine Westbrook
Stewart, Minnie
Vaughn, Mrs. Mary M.
Walker, (infant)
Walker, Andrew J.
Walker, Edgar E.
Walker, Emma T.
Walker, Madison
Walker, Reba S.
Watkins, Charles Thomas
Watson, Alice "Stevens"
Watson, Alla
Watson, Henry
Watson, Jerry
Watson, Laura
Watson, Murf B.
Watson, Rene S.
Williams, Bert
Williams, Beulah F.
Williams, Bobby Javis
Williams, Clyde R.
Williams, D. J.
Williams, Dee
Williams, Irene
Williams, John J.
Williams, Lena Kathryn
Williams, Nancy
Wyatt, Clarence C.
Wyatt, J. C.
Wyatt, James Garry
Wyatt, Jorden
Wyatt, Ola Dell
Wyatt, Viola "Sugar"

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