Enumeration District 102--Pin Oak

This is a partial transcription of Enumeration District 102 of the 1880 Milam County, Texas Census. This census section was copied because it appears to cover (at least in part) the Pin Oak area. Every name was not copied, but I intend to supplement the list. The marriages do not appear in the census records: they were copied from the Milam County, Texas marriage records.

To the left of each name are numbers separated by three periods: the first number (102) references the enumeration district; the second number references the page on which the name appears; the third number references the order in which families are listed; the fourth number references the order in which individuals are listed within the family.  McAnally, William J.  M33TN  McAnally, Martha J.  F33TN  Brennan, William  M16TN Step-Son  Haynes, Neil  M32TN  Haynes, Fannie  F31TX  Beverly, Robert G.  M30KY  Beverly, Selby H.  F24LA  Hearne, Nan K.  F41AL  Faubion, John A.  M26TN  Faubion, Mollie E.  F22AL 
--J. A. Faubion md Mollie E. Beavers 1 Dec 1875  Goehner, Sebastian  M53** b. Wurtenburg  Needham, William S.  M23MS  Needham, Henrietta  F65GA Mother  Row, Mary E.  F44AL Aunt  Faubion, William  M60TN  Faubion, Charlotte  F60TN  Faubion, Oscar  M23TN  Faubion, Julia  F20TX 
--O. D. Faubion md Julia E. Livingston 1 Dec 1875  Moore, Charles C.  M31GA  Moore, Emily  F21TX  Brown, Thomas E.  M20TX  Dollar, James M.  M40AL Physician  Dollar, Sue A.  F45AL  Womble, William  M35AL Druggist Grocer  Womble, Mary  F29TX 
102.03.00A.01  Cox, John  M27MS 
102.03.00B.02  Cox, Mary A.  F23TN 
102.06.00A.01  McElvey, John  M35AR 
102.06.00A.02  McElvey, Ann  F37** **b.England
102.06.00A.05  Shafer, John A.  M16TX Step-Son
102.06.00A.06  Rigby, Frank  M27MO 
102.06.00B.01  Stewart, Noah  M30GA 
102.06.00B.02  Stewart, Elizabeth  F30MS 
102.06.00B.03  Stewart, William H.  M01TX  Luce, Zephemiah  M40MO  Luce, Melvina  F25GA  Pate, Mary  F20TX Sister-In-Law  Carlton, Thomas A.  M27KY Farmer & Bailiff  Carlton, Senie  F23MS  Herron, James L.  M20MS  Goodrum, James L.  M31MS  Goodrum, Eliza  F24MS  Bailey, Winfred G.  M39TX  Bailey, Mattie  F36LA  Rowe, Pinkney  M30SC  Rowe, Theodocia  F24TX  McLaren, John  M28TX  McLaren, Mattie  F19LA  Luce, Joseph  M52MO  Luce, Virginia  F45VA  Fuller, Susan E.  F04TX Granddaughter  Roddy, William  M31AL Boarder  Folley, John B.  M32IN  Bowers, Ann  F20TX Boarder  Bass, Alonzo  M26AL No Residence  Pounds, Elisabeth  F35GA 
102.11.00A.01  Williams, James W.  M60SC 
102.11.00A.02  Williams, Mildred T.  F46GA  Williams, John W.  M34AL  Williams, Nancy A.  F41AL  Alton, Jack  M61TN  Holley, John  M38AL  Holley, Sarah E.  M35TX  Long, Josephine  F12TX Step-Daughter  Miller, George W.  M32KY  Miller, Margaret M.  F32MS  Walker, George  M27MS  Fisher, Thomas B.  M35MS  Fisher, Sarah E.  F33GA  Pate, Benjamin  M19TX Nephew  Pate, William E.  M14TX Nephew  Alley, Mary  F35GA Sister-In-Law  Barmore, Reuben  M18MS Boarder  Moreau, Julius  M49LA Boarder  White, James P.  M30TN  White, Samantha  F19TX  Erwin, Eugene  M22NY  Smith, Naomi  F15TX Cousin  Blacklock, Harber L.  M31TX  Blacklock, Annie  F26TX  Williams, Silas C.  M24TX  Williams, Mary E.  F24TX  Bogan, Joseph J.  M45AL  Bogan, Martha  F41AL  Hill, William D.  M63SC  Hill, Antoinette  F33AL  Jordan, Fannie  F36AL  Cherry, Aaron  M18TX  Cherry, Eliza  F21GA  Murray, William  M61SC  Murray, Susan  F56OH  Mills, Thomas J.  M51IL  Mills, Zurena  F48KY  Nutt, Sinia J.  F50MO  Nutt, Arminta  F21TX  Hilton, Thomas  M51MO Brother  Peacock, Union J.  M25TN  Peacock, Louisa J.  F23TX  Lantrip, George W.  M61MS  Lantrip, Mary A.  F58FL  Lantrip, John W.  M21LA Son  Lantrip, Mattie  F18TX Daughter-In-Law  Hardcastle, Adeline  F26MS Daughter  Hobbs, William  M30--  Hobbs, Susan  F29MS Wife  Lantrip, Thomas W.  M27MS  Lantrip, Anna  F26TX  Walker, John M.  M25MS  Peoples, Henry  M29LA  Peoples, Mary F.  F33AL  Digby, Elisha  M25MS  Dees, John W.  M26GA  Dees, Becky  F18TX  Turney, Robert A.  M36TN  Turney, Sophrone  F24TX  Turney, Michael  M10TX Brother  Williams, Margaret  F52TN  Ditto, John  M35AL  Ditto, Lucy P.  F30TX  Eudy, John  M67NC  Eudy, Mary  F62NC  Light, William H.  M12AL Cousin  York, Lelerties  M30MS  York, Margaret E.  F25AL  Clark, Matilda  F46MS  Stewart, Luella  F22LA Daughter  Shafer, Elisha  M46AL  Shafer, Lovina  F40AL  Davidson, Henry  M32AL  Davidson, Emma  F26LA 
-Henry Davidson md Emmaliza Lockley 23 Jun 1874  Butts, Nancy  F65GA Aunt  Williams, David  M22AL  Brooks, John  M27MS  Brooks, Bethia  F18TX  Ditto, William  M45AL  Ditto, Mary  F26TN
-William Ditto md Mrs. Mary A. Stewart 1 Jan 1879  Stewart, Frank  M08TX Step-Son  Davidson, Jane  F64AL  Grantham, Eliza  F11TX Granddaughter  Davidson, Willis H.  M05TX Grandson  Webster, Edward  M59AL Boarder/Carpenter  Ditto, Davis  M20AL 
102.19.00A.01  Ditto, Josiah  M48AL 
102.19.00A.02  Ditto, Elvira E.  F48GA  Cox, Richard P.  M36MS Farmer & Justice  Cox, Catherine  F32GA  Cox, Shackelford  M44MS  Cox, Mary R.  F35AL  Livingston, Florence  F22AL Sister-In-Law  Martin, John E.  M17TX w/ C. Wilson (Black)  Faubion, Thomas  M32TN  Faubion, Luella  F23TN  Bightl, Albert  M26TN  Ellis, William  M26PA  Blacklock, Benjamin  M37KY  Blacklock, Mary E.  F27MS  Gillam, James  M54MS  Walker, Madison  M27GA  Walker, Emma T.  F21TX  Kornegay, Robert M.  M42MS  Kornegay, Ella  F26GA
-R. A. Kornegay md Ella E. Adams 29 Sep 1878  Craig, John R.  M32TX  Craig, Susan L.  F25AL
-J. R. Craig md Mrs. S. L. Ginnings 29 Jul 1879  Rutherford, America  F19AR Sister-In-Law  Shafer, Alexander  M37AL  Vaughn, Mary A.  F49VA Mother-In-Law  Hackney, Mary E.  F25AL Cousin  Hays, Richard  M35KY  Fowler, Thomas  M16TX  Tucker, Elijah  M23AR  Tucker, Hulda  F20OH  Spinks, William  M34AL  Spinks, Jennie  F35AL  Carter, Thomas  M35AL  Carter, Martha  F40AL
-L. M. (Thomas ?) Carter md Mrs. M. H. Harn 4 Jul 1877  White, Amanda  F14TX  Rutherford, Archibald  M63GA  Shafer, James  M36TN  Shafer, Ony M.  F25TN  Baruhaus, William  M49OH  Baruhaus, Christian  F34IL  Hooker, James D.  M52AL  Hooker, Martha J.  F44TN  Beard, Isaac A.  M23AR  Beard, Julia M.  F16TX  White, Catherine  F59TN  Stanley, John O.  M34AL  Stanley, Mary A.  F38AL  Taylor, William B.  M40AL  Taylor, Louisa  F26AL  Fisher, Enoch A.  M24TX  Fisher, Mollie  F22TN  Pate, Joseph  M16TX Nephew  Stewart, John  M26MS  Stewart, Melissa  F19AL  Stewart, Parthena  F43TN Mother  Westbrook, Richard  M27MS  Westbrook, Eliza E.  F26TN  Newman, Alesie  M21--  Johnson, Wilson R.  M35AL  Johnson, Piercy G.  F38AL  Carnes, Thomas  M22GA  Jackson, Ben  M39AL  Jackson, Josephine  F37AL  Luce, Reuben  M19TX  Strong, John  M25AL  Strong, Julia  F24TX  Shelton, John M.  M36TN  Shelton, Mary E.  F28TN  Hensley, Edward H.  M31TX  Hensley, Sarah F.  F24MS  Alderson, Mary  F30MS  Pritchard, Joseph  M28MS Brother  Gill, Ladd  M17TX Boarder  Stewart, James L.  M39MS  Stewart, Josephine  F28MS  Walker, Thomas E.  M18TX Cousin  Walker, Frank W.  M16TX Cousin  Harrison, Arthur  M25GA  Harrison, Ida  F19TX  Ivy, John A.  M32MS  Ivy, Elisabeth  F33MS  Hardcastle, David  M12TX Step-Son  Hardcastle, Almeda  F08TX Step-Daughter  Hardcastle, Minnie  F06TX Step-Daughter  Hardcastle, Huey  M32AL  Hardcastle, Ellen  F32AL 
102.39.349.01  Shafer, G. M.  M33AL 
102.39.349.02  Shafer, Luella  F20TX
102.39.349.04  Hobson, Ann E.  F56TN Mother-In-Law
102.39.349.05  Hobson, Mollie  F23TX Sister-In-Law
102.39.349.06  Hobson, Texana  F21TX Sister-In-Law
102.39.350.01  Shafer, William  M45AL 
102.39.350.02  Shafer, Ann  F27TX 
-W. L. Shafer md Anna Eliza Hobson 6 Dec 1877
102.39.351.01  Hobson, John  M33TX 
102.39.351.02  Hobson, Martha  F27AL 
102.39.352.01  Hobson, Perry  M27TX 
102.39.352.02  Hobson, Martha J.  F20TX 
102.39.352.04  Gill, Henry  M22-- 
102.43.389.01  Morgan, William A.  M45AL 
102.43.389.02  Morgan, Catherine  F42AL 
102.43.389.03  Morgan, Barto  M18AL 
102.43.389.04  Morgan, William T.  M15AL 
102.43.389.05  Morgan, Julia L.  F13AL 
102.43.389.06  Morgan, Rebecca A.  F12AL 
102.43.389.07  Morgan, Emma  F10AL 
102.43.389.08  Morgan, John B.  M04TX 
102.43.389.09  Morgan, Johny Jackson  M04TX 
102.43.389.10  Morgan, George W.  M07AL 
102.43.389.11  Morgan, Fannie R.  F08AL

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