Mary Jane "Mollie"
Edwards Reveile

August 19, 2004

Mary Jane "Mollie" Edwards was born in Alabama, the daughter of Hugh Edwards. Edwards family researcher Mel Bowers reports that Hugh H. Edwards (Mollie's father) had at least two wives. The name of the first is unknown, there were at least three children; Martha J. Edwards married William Story, Sarah A. Paralee Edwards married Ezekiel Norris Rose, and James R. Edwards, unmarried. The second wife was Annie Murry. There were four girls; Susanna Elizabeth Edwards married Joseph Griffin, Mary Jane "Mollie" Edwards married Leroy A Reveille, Grace Ann Edwards married Abel H Denham or Denman, and Tennessee Holt Edwards married John Munson Hawkins (Mel's great grandparents).

Edwards family researchers Charlotte Epps and Gerry Rollins provided a transcription of a deed which mentions Mollie and her siblings. I no longer have a good email address for Charlotte and Gerry.

The deed is transcribed as follows:

State of Texas - Milam County
Know all men by these presence that we Joseph Griffin and Wife Susanna E. Griffin and A. H. Denman and Gracia Ann Denman and L. R. Ravill and wife Mary Jane Revill and Joseph Griffin as attorney in fact for J. M. Hawkins and wife T. H. Hawkins and William Story as attorney in fact for Parale Rose and her husband Norris E. Rose and William Story for himself all heirs at law of James R. Edward of said county and state deceased, for, and in consideration of the sum of $250 to be paid by William Story on or before the 1st day of June A.D. 1881 for which said Wm. Story herewith to secure the payment of which the vendors lien is reserved have bargained and sold and by these present do grant, bargain, sell and convey, with the said William Story a certain tract of land situated in said county of Milam with meters and bounds to follow to wit: On the south side of Little River being part of the John Hobson headwright beginning at the NW corner of ???? follows is the description of the property.) ....same premises conveyed to said James R. Edwards, deceased by Wm. A. Garner and Feby Garner his wife by deed bearing date on the 27th day of July A.D. 1878 and duly recorded in the records of said county in Book E, page 54 with all and singular the rights members ?? and appurtenances to the same belong or in anywise incident or appertaining to have and to hold the same unto the said Wm. Story his heirs and assigns forever and we the said heirs Joseph Girffin and wife Susanna E. Griffin and A.H. Denman and wife Gracie Ann Denman and T. R. Revill and wife Mary Jane Revile and Joseph Griffin as attorney in fact for J. M. Hawkins and wife T. H. Hawkins and Wm. Story as attorney in fact for Parale Rose and her husband Norris E. Rose and Wm. Story for himself for ourselves, and our heirs do hereby covenant and agree to and with the above named Wm. Story and his heirs and assigns that we are now the owners of the said premises and are seized of a good and indefeasible estate of inheritance therein and that we have full right and power to sell and convey the same in fee simple that the said [ Page 337] premises are free and clear of encumbrances that the said Wm. Story has heirs and assigns may forever hereafter have hold and enjoy the same without any such molestations or interruption by any person whatever claming any right therein and that we the above named heirs of James R. Edwards deceased and our heirs will warrant and defend the said premises unto the said Wm. Story and his heirs and assigns forever.
Witness our hands and scrolls for seals this 1st day of Sept A. D. 1879.
Joseph Griffin (Seal)
S. E. Griffin (Seal)
A. H. Denman (Seal)
Gracia Ann (her mark) Denman
T. R. (her mark) Revile
Joseph (his mark) Griffin attorney for J. M. Hawkins & wife, T. H. Hawkins
Wm. Story attorney for Parale Rose and her husband N. E. Rose, Wm (his mark)
Story for self
Mary Jane (her mark) Revile
State of Texas
Milam County
Before me J. M. Smith as Justice of the Peace and Exofficio Notary Public in and for said county personally came Joseph Griffin, A. H. Denman, L. R. Revile and Wm. Story to me well and to me acknowledged that executed the foregoing instrument of writing dated 1st day of Sept. A.D. 1879 and that they signed sealed and delivered the same for the purpose uses I demonstrated therein stated. Also personally came Joseph Griffin Attorney for J. M. Hawkins and wife T. H. Hawkins and Wm. Story attorney for Parale Rose and her husband Norris E. Rose and acknowledged to me that they signed the above writing for the purposes as attorney therein stated also came S. E. Griffin wife of Joseph Griffin, Gracia A. Denman, wife of A. H. Denman and Mary Jane Revile wife of L. R. Revile all of these parties to the foregoing deed or instrument of writing dated the day and year above written having been examined by me and apart from their Sid husband and the said instrument having been fully explained to them acknowledged the same to be their own act and deed and that they willingly signed sealed and delivered the same for the purposes uses and consideration therein stated and that they wish now to retract.
Seal In testimony whereof hereunto sign my name and affix my Notarized seal this 3rd day of Sept A.D. 1879.
J. M. Smith, JP & Ex Officio Notary Public M. C.
Filed for record at 8 o'clock A.M. Sept 4th 1879 and duly recorded at 3 o'clock P.M. Sept 6th A.D. 1879
J. C. Rogers, Clerk CCMC
By M. J. Rogers, Deputy

Mollie Edwards married Leroy A. "Lee" Reveile (b. TX abt 1847). Mollie and Lee had at least five children: (1) Hugh J. Reveile (b. abt 1871); (2) William Henry Reveile; (3) Lee A. Reveile (b. abt 1875); (4) Martha A. Reveile (b. abt 1878); and, (5) Elmo J. Reveile (b. abt 1893).

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