Archibald Rutherford was born March 25, 1817 in Jackson County, Alabama, the son of James and Susan Young Rutherford. It was in Jackson County that Archibald Rutherford married Sara Ellen (surname not known). Sara Ellen Rutherford died during the trip to Texas and is buried at Honey Grove, Fannin County, Texas. Archibald and Sara Ellen Rutherford had six children: (1) Mary Elizabeth Rutherford (md a Mr. Rutherford); (2) Sarah Ellen Rutherford (md a Mr. Caldwell and later md a Mr. Davis); (3) Malinda Jane Rutherford; (4) Susan Lucy Rutherford (also buried at Pin Oak Cemetery); (5) America Rutherford (b. Arkansas ca. 1861--md a Mr. Long); and, (6) James Rutherford. Archibald Rutherford lived at Gause, Milam County, Texas, where he died in 1890. Because the location of Archibald Rutherford's grave is not known, his name is listed with daughter Susan.

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