November 29, 2002

Murf Benjamin Watson was born in Franklin, Robertson County, Texas, the son of Jerry Watson and wife Laura C. Reynolds. Murf married twice.

Murf Watson first married Fannie Hudson Fisher. Fannie was born 2 Jul 1890 at Liberty in Milam County, Texas. She was the daughter of Thomas Benton Fisher and Sarah Evelyn Stewart. Murf and Fannie Watson had two daughters: (1) Lydia Watson (b. 30 Mar 1908 in Milam County, Texas; d. 23 Apr 2000 in Houston, Texas; md Charlie Farris); and, (2) Sally Florence Watson (b. 14 Nov 1910 in Gause, Milam County, Texas; d. 2 Dec 1995 in Porter, Montgomery County, Texas; md Jerry Clifford Green). Fannie Watson died 5 Jun 1913. She is buried in Milam County at Liberty Cemetery.

After Fannie's death, Murf Watson married Mary Rene Shafer. Murf died at his home in Humble, Harris County, Texas.

Some of this information was provided by Pamela Long ( Pamela is a descendant of Murf and Fannie Watson.

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