John Frank Shafer, Sr. was born in Milam County, Texas, the son of James Alexander Shafer, Sr. and wife Litius Vaughn. John married Zola May Watson in Milam County, Texas on January 13, 1897 and their children included the following: (1) Alford Shafer; (2) Murf Ben Shafer; (3) Lettie Mae Shafer (b. 1904); (4) Laura Fay Shafer (1906-1982--md Earl Angell); (5) John Frank Shafer, Jr.; (6) Grace Lee Shafer (b. 1910--md Homer E. Stevens); (7) Homer Clay Shafer (b. 1914); (8) Robert B. "Bob" Shafer; (9) Mary Rene Shafer (b. 1921); and, (10) Shack Shafer. The obituary of son Bob Shafer shows that Bob was survived by four sisters and three brothers: (1) Mrs. Earl Angell of Cameron; (2) Mrs. Homer Stevens of Gause; (3) Mrs. S. R. McClure of Sweeney; (4) Mrs. C. L. Blakeney of Kermit; (5) Mr. Frank Shafer of Gause; (6) Mr. Shack Shafer of Gause; and (7) Mr. Homer Shafer of Humble. John Frank Shafer, Sr. died at Gause, Texas.

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